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HEH Hamburger EmissionsHaus AG

As experts in investment offers, we enable investors to achieve long-term returns. Experienced, well-versed and Hanseatically reliable. Welcome on board!

HEH Hamburger EmissionsHaus AG

With endless success, the HEH sales & distribution company is the responsible partner for the placement of investment products.

HEH Hamburger EmissionsHaus AG

As longstanding experts, we are happy to advise customers and ensure quality at the highest level.

HEH Hamburger EmissionsHaus AG

As Hamburg merchants, sustainable success for investors is always our top priority, regardless of the asset class in which we operate.

About us

Since 2006, we have been developing profitable products for shareholders and investors – whether private or institutional. We are passionate about lucrative regional aircraft funds like no other in this market. With a combined expertise of more than 20 years, we operate successfully in an entrepreneurial manner – without any tendency to fly high.

Markets are subject to change. We see this as an opportunity, react accordingly and therefore overcome even the most turbulent of times. Our development is closely tied to the investment success of our investors, and it needs the trust of our sales partners and banks. Professionalism, foresight and reliability are values with which we build and uphold.

Whether aircraft, real estate, or logistics funds: We are setting course for fast-growing markets. With enthusiasm for the development of successful investment strategies and their implementation. With expertise in asset-management, a keen entrepreneurial spirit and reliability. Rely on us with products that are safely on the rise.


is the chairman of the board, founder and strategic developer of the company. He combines entrepreneurial thinking, strategic skills and personal integrity. His code of values for everyday business life: honesty, striving for success and a firm grip on reality. His goal: the greatest possible exploitation of entrepreneurial potential - in harmonious interaction with the entire crew.

  • Active in the financial sector since 1989
  • Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of Lloyd Fonds AG from 1996 to 2005
  • Initiation and placement of more than 80 investment offers - with an investment volume of more than 2.4 billion euros and equity capital of approximately 950 million euros
  • Foundation of HEH in 2006
You benefit from:
  • Many years of experience on the financial market
  • Distinct expertise in the field of regional aircraft funds
  • The right mix of visionary entrepreneurial spirit and clear business acumen
„"To swim with the major aircraft fund providers was never our goal. We know our purpose, we love our mission - and we feel comfortable in the segment we occupy."“

is responsible for the operative connection to the project and financing partners. In addition, he represents the investors in the management of the investment companies. He has decades of experience in the operative shipping business - including as a Controller at the Hamburg Süd shipping group.

  • In a leading position from 1998 to 2004 with the Nordcapital group of companies
  • Establishment of the finance department of the shipping company E.R. Schiffahrt GmbH & Cie. KG
  • Commercial manager of Reederei Winter
  • Commercial management of over 70 investment companies
  • Since 2006 Managing Director of Hamburger EmissionsHaus
  • Board of Directors of Hamburger EmissionsHaus since 2017
You benefit from:
  • Special experience in the shipping industry and aviation management
  • Profound expertise in the financial sector and in the commercial management of investment companies
„To successfully establish good products on the market, you need reliable partners at every point and you have to be one for them.“

has been Head of Sales of the HEH Group since 2008. As Managing Director, the trained banker and asset specialist is responsible for the sale of HEH products. As a B2B expert, he loves goal-oriented dialogue. He knows that investors like products that bring value to them.

  • Active in the financial services industry since 1995
  • Apprenticeship as banker at the private bank Neelmeyer
  • Subsequently working as an advisor for upscale private clients (development of integrated investment and financing concepts)
  • Management of a private Bremen real estate company
  • Asset specialist at Allianz Global Investors
You benefit from:
  • Many years of knowledge of the financial services industry
  • Experience in the real estate sector
  • High expertise in B2B sales and the initiation of private placement transactions
„"Our sales success is based on cooperation in a spirit of partnership - at eye level. Mutual trust and reliability are just as indispensable as a joint focus on product benefits.”“

has led the conception department since 2006. He helped build up the Aircraft Asset management of the HEH Group and is the managing director of the HEH funds. In the group's own capital management company, he is responsible for portfolio management as Managing Director.

  • Apprenticeship as a bank clerk at the Hamburger Sparkasse
  • Studied business administration at the University of Hamburg
  • Doctorate at the Institute for Monetary and Capital Movement
  • Analyst for a large German distribution and analysis company (closed-end funds)
  • Responsible for the prospectus of funds at the HEH as a concept developer
You benefit from:
  • The knowledge of a trained banker and Doctor of business administration
  • Many years of experience as a conceptual designer
  • Special knowledge in aviation management
„Since the foundation of HEH, the satisfaction of our investors has been the measure of our success. We are 100% convinced of all the investments we offer.“

has been the responsible project developer at Hamburger EmissionsHaus since 2017. His expertise includes commercial negotiation and contract drafting for the acquisition and realisation of new investments, the related tax and legal issues as well as investment and financial structuring.

  • Extensive training with a focus on business administration and tax law
  • Conceptual designer for investment funds at the Hamburg investment house Lloyd Fonds AG
  • Establishment and subsequent management of the project department as authorised signatory at the traditional Hamburg shipping company Ernst Russ
  • Foundation of a subsidiary of the shipping company Ernst Russ and subsequent activity as managing partner
  • Founder of the shipping company OKEE Maritime
You benefit from:
  • Broad experience in the financial and shipping industry
  • Sound knowledge in the creation and management of companies
  • Strong entrepreneurship
„"Successful project development only works with a strong team – and we have that that. It is important to find the right partners, to motivate them, to cooperate and to respect them."“


The HEH sales company is the reliable partner for the placement of investment products. With constant success.

Our in-house sales company has been up and running since 2016 - with the necessary licences in accordance with the Financial Investment Brokerage Ordinance (FinVermV). On behalf of the capital management company HAM (Hamburg Asset Management), it successfully places high-performance products on the market. Managing Director Henning Kranz has steered the HEH sales company on a safe course since its foundation.

Successful funds and satisfied investors guarantee the sales success of HEH: these are closely correlated. Optimum product performance generates customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers guarantee a high repeat subscriber rate and thus increasing the success of the placement.

Further pillars of our sales success are:
  • Early involvement of sales partners in the fund conception
  • Reliable support in the placement of the limited partnership capital
  • Regular flow of information during the term of the investments
  • Creativity in the development and implementation of individual product solutions
Well-structured fund concepts are the basis of our success. They create trust, secure capital, make us capable of acting and generate profits.

Our core competence is the structuring of finances in combination with sustainable asset management. We plan with foresight, taking all relevant factors and predictable influences into account. With the high level of commitment that springs from inner motivation - and a clear awareness of the responsibility we bear. Expertise and reliability are what count.

A favourable purchase price, a low debt ratio, exclusion of currency risks and rapid loan repayments are proven fund parameters that our investors appreciate.

We design and optimize until the financing is in place and everything is ready to go. Thanks to this multi-award-winning security concept, everyone on board - investors, sales and financing partners - can enjoy promising prospects and added value. Noticeably and all along the way.

HEH Treuhand GmbH & Cie KG manages the fund capital. It looks after the investors throughout the entire term of the fund - closely, expertly and responsibly.

As part of the HEH Group, our trustee is not only a specialist in capital management, but also a trustee of investors' interests and an effective communication body. It is the interface between the investors and the management of the respective investment company. Our fiduciary informs all parties involved regularly and ensures a high level of transparency through detailed reporting. What's more, in our function as a fiduciary, we are available and ready to provide information to all partners at any time.

Accompanying you in a straightforward Hanseatic way:
  • Via the sales companies in coordination with the fund management
  • The management of individual funds
  • The tax, legal and auditing business partners
  • The advisory boards of the fund companies

We are your contact - even for funds that were not launched by the HEH Group. This is guaranteed by our subsidiary, Sachwert-Treuhand Altona, STA for short.

The trust placed in us is precious and binding. We handle it responsibly: say what we do, do what we say - and are simply there for you.

Our capital management company "Hamburg Asset Management" (HAM) manages the HEH Group's regulated funds for product partners and investors with the utmost professionalism.

External capital market companies also make use of the expertise of Service-KVG HAM and they do so with a high degree of satisfaction.

We offer capital management expertise in the areas of aircraft, real estate, ships and containers, private equity, renewable energy and infrastructure. Our product partners are asset managers, project developers, investment managers and family offices. We design and structure tangible asset investments and other investments for them.

Tailored to their needs and with a broad knowledge of closed-end mutual and special funds, we develop a fully regulated capital market product. We provide market access without requiring our partners to obtain their own licence. We then manage the product - including compliance with all regulatory requirements. A major advantage for our partners: they can devote themselves entirely to their core competencies.

We also provide comprehensive support for investors. We meticulously implement the regulations for their protection and regularly inform them about the development of their investments. We carry out risk management, arrange for the annual valuation of the assets - and can be contacted quickly if questions arise. Renowned companies, such as Berenberg Bank, choose us as their partner.

From turbo-prop aircraft to jets: HEH Aviation Management GmbH is the managing limited partner of 27 regional aircraft. They are all in service for well-known European aircraft operators.

The responsibilities of Aviation Management include the monitoring of leasing agreements, market research, coordination of technical management and the re-marketing of assets.

Expertise secures the ability to act and react. As a specialist in the regional aircraft market, Aviation Management is in a position to make decisions quickly and in an experienced manner.

Aviation Management is also the central contact for banks and for the acquisition of new projects.

Quality features

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SpeicherMAXX from 2023 also in Stade

The planning application for our drive-up storage park with 120 storage units has been submitted. We expect completion in the third quarter of 2023. Would you like to know more? Inform yourself under


SpeicherMAXX Storage Lüneburg ist opened

The drive-up storage park at Otto-Brenner-Strasse 8a with 198 storage units has opened. The demand is huge. Would you like to know more? Inform yourself under


HEH Storage Label "SpeicherMAXX" takes over first location in Münster (NRW)

The drive-up storage park completed in 2017 comprises of 165 storage units. The units are currently 100% leased and are in great demand. Further storage parks are currently in the planning stages. We will keep you updated.


New product line in the Storage/Specialty Real Estate Sector

HEH-Group opens a new product line in the field of Storage/Special Real Estate with the new formation of the label "SpeicherMAXX". Attractive products from this current market segment are currently under development. Would you like to know more? Inform yourself under


Current information an accessibility

Do you have questions about your participation? Please contact HEH Treuhand on (+49) 040 - 311 083 88 -52 / -55